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Cloud Services Dubai

Moving your business to the Cloud enables you to harness a multitude of technologically advanced, on-demand computing services ranging from leading applications to storage and processing power.

Our Cloud Computing services in Dubai offer our clients a host of benefits. The core being cost efficiency, seeing as the vast majority of Cloud Solutions offer added value compared to server based software. The additional security and mobility advantages that Cloud offers are another reason why millions of businesses are switching to the Cloud every day.

Organizations are looking to cloud computing to provide a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective model for computing—one that allows IT to operate much more efficiently and respond faster to business opportunities. The goal is to enable IT as a Service, and cloud computing provides the technical architecture to deliver it.

We already know that the cloud is a powerful enabler of business transformation and innovation. Indeed, the question for many enterprises is not whether to shift to the cloud to realize its many benefits, but how to make the transition. The cloud ecosystem is complex, and the adoption journey can be difficult to navigate.

To help businesses stay ahead, Burhani offers integrated cloud services dubai that leverage legacy systems through cloud consulting, implementation, migration and operations services. Many of our clients have embarked on innovative cloud programs that will give them the agility of cloud native companies.

We specialize in both Microsoft Cloud Technologies as well as AWS Cloud Technologies for Cloud Migration & Management.

We look forward to discussing your Cloud Computing Services in Dubai requirements in more detail – Get in Touch to Request Your Free 30 Min Cloud Strategy Session.

Build the Digital Enterprise of Tomorrow with Cloud Transformation

Bring Cloud Speed, Agility, and an as-a-Service Model to Where Your Apps & Data Are Today
Cloud Transformation Services

Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud with a Reliable Partner

Organisations in the UAE are fast moving past the early-adopter stage with cloud, attracted by the operational and cost benefits it has over traditional IT systems
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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Proven Cloud Services

Burhani provides integrated & fully-managed cloud services that leverage legacy systems through cloud consulting, implementation, migration and operations services
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Fortify Data Security & Prevent Data Leaks by Insiders

with Microsoft Purview + Burhani

Where does your sensitive data reside? Who can access it? What are they doing with it? The fact is, data is everywhere and there’s more of it than ever. Old security strategies—like static data access policies—are no longer enough. And a potentially dangerous leak is often just a single click away.

It’s time for data security strategies that work harder and smarter to help protect your business. Our ebook shows you how Microsoft Purview strengthens data security by offering Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, and Data Loss Prevention in a single unified platform.

As a Trusted Microsoft partner, Burhani recommend Microsoft Purview to all our customers—and we want to show you why.


Recognized as amongst the Top 1% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 20+ Years Experience, Burhani's Unique Mix of People, Process & Technology Enables Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation by Leveraging the Power of the Microsoft Cloud
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FAQ’s About Cloud Computing Services

The most frequent and fundamental questions people have about cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing dubai is described as the process of using a network of remote servers, hosted via the internet, to store, manage and process data, rather than hosting it locally.

Essentially, cloud computing is using someone else’s infrastructure and hardware, reducing the amount of capital investments your business needs to make.

Using the advanced technology of these data centres, Cloud Computing services in Dubai, UAE help organisations to reduce their costs, increase the performance of their systems and become more flexible in their working practices.

How do I know if cloud is right for my business?

Companies that choose to migrate to the cloud do so for a number of reasons. The benefits of flexibility, scalability, cost savings, etc. are weighed against availability concerns. It is important to evaluate if cloud is right for you from a strategic and operational perspective. Does your demand for IT vary throughout the year? Are the costs of your IT impacting your ability to grow as a business? If so you may consider a cloud option that can be easily scaled.

Should I move to the cloud?

You should also evaluate your current IT set-up to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, especially in the following areas:

  • Service – how important are security, reliability and flexibility to your business? Is your current solution meeting your needs? Is there room for improvement?
  • Technology landscape – how many business users are there? What is the geographic distribution of your user base? Do your employees require remote access?
  • Cost – Are you satisfied with the costs of your on premises solution? Are the costs to scale up or upgrade services acceptable?
  • Ease of migration – when did you last invest in significant capital expenditure? Do you have any contractual and vendor commitments that constrain migration?

Answering these questions can help to understand if cloud is a good fit for your business.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

By implementing Cloud Computing Services in Dubai, your employees can connect to the applications and files they depend on from any location, at any time and on any device. In return, collaborative efforts across your organisation will be enhanced, as well as productivity and the power of Cloud services in Dubai can also unite your workforce no matter how, where or when you do business.

  • No need to procure and maintain on premise data centers
  • Cloud services are compatible with multiple devices and operating systems
  • You can enjoy instant scalability, thus improving organizational agility
  • Cloud environments are generally more secure as compared to on premise ones
  • Enterprise data is centralized, making it easy to secure it and maintain backups
  • Accelerate the on-boarding time of employees, especially remote workers

How do I develop a cloud strategy?

Developing a cloud strategy begins with outlining your technical and business objectives. Understand what the drivers are for your company to shift to the cloud and what solutions these drivers require.

Your cloud strategy may be to start small and gradually, or your business may be in a position to dive right in. Once you identify your needs, you can better understand if your cloud strategy should include public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

Lay out a road-map and timeline to execute your shift to the cloud.

Which Cloud solution suits my business?

Implementing a Cloud Computing solution in Dubai comes with several things to consider; the type of files you will be storing and sharing, the size of your organisation, the bandwidth that’s available and more.

All of these things will determine what will work best in your situation. Burhani will work closely with you to design a bespoke IT Infrastructure in the Cloud that will deliver on the features you need, whether this a public, private or hybrid solution.

Keeping your business running is assured while we migrate your data will be seamless and trouble-free. We offer several types of deployment options so your employees can start working smarter.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cloud?

Many companies do not take the time to consider what they may need to put into place prior to shifting to the cloud. For the most part, preparing to shift to the cloud is simple and just requires you having a Cloud Service Provider handle the transition. However, one of the biggest things to consider is your network bandwidth. With the strain put on local internet connections from cloud computing, you may consider upgrading your bandwidth or investing in SD-WAN technology  to increase connectivity.

What workloads can I move to the cloud?

There are many options for moving workloads to the cloud and most will depend on your business and cloud strategy. You may choose to slowly move your complete IT environment to the cloud or just one task. Most businesses use the cloud for data backup, both short term and long term.

Application-based workloads can also be moved to the cloud (i.e. CRM, Marketing Automation, Etc.). Test and Dev operations can also be outsourced.

In fact, the ability to spin up environments in a matter of minutes, scale them up or down on demand, and access data from anywhere is a huge appeal. Other outsourcing can be discussed with your cloud service provider.

What is the easiest workload to move to the cloud?

By and large the easiest and most common workload to shift to the cloud is backup. Backup as a Service (BaaS) is easy to use and helps to mitigate a major business continuity concerns around downtime and data loss. Cloud-based backup can be used for multiple environments or just one environment – depending on what restrictions your company decides to place on cloud usage.

Will my company need to hire more IT staff to handle the transition?

Since one of the major appeals of working with a cloud service provider is that they handle the ins and outs of your cloud transition, you shouldn’t have to hire additional staff when shifting to the cloud.

However, having some IT expertise in house is helpful to make the transition smooth. If you do not have an existing IT team, consider hiring an IT support company to help take advantage of the services that cloud providers offer and provide advise.

Why Burhani for Cloud Computing in Dubai, UAE?

Burhani’s expert managed, functional and technical client services teams execute on a three-pronged strategy: easy to implement or migrate, lower running costs and easy to consume. Our robust infrastructure and stringent focus on security and compliance enables us to guarantee seamless migration to cloud.

We’re witnessing that clients are expanding to cloud-first strategies, as well as integrating their public and private clouds to gain a holistic view of their customer data.

From that foundation, they are making meaning from data, sparking innovation and designing new customer experiences, and then delivering them seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Burhani can help you think, design and deliver to realize all your possibilities with Cloud.


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