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Microsoft Azure Managed Support Services Dubai, UAE

Fully managed support services for Microsoft Azure including consultancy and ongoing support. Expert help to launch and manage your applications in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Managed support services provided by Burhani allows you to optimize, monitor and manage your Azure environments from your virtual machines, systems, databases, media as well as mobile services in order to get the best return out of your Azure cloud investment.

Contact The Top Microsoft Azure Managed Support Services Company in Dubai

Contact the Microsoft Azure Managed Services & Support experts in Dubai, UAE and find out how the Azure cloud can enhance the overall performance of your IT systems, reduce the overall cost of IT ownership & accelerate Cloud Transformation.

At Burhani, we are specialists in Microsoft cloud technologies and we want to make sure you benefit from a reliable, secure and cost-effective Microsoft Azure migration & managed services solution that is specifically designed for you based on your business requirements.

In addition to delivering proactive Managed IT Support Services, we also offer various cloud modernisation technology solutions & services for business such as Office 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting and more.

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Get 100% Peace of Mind with 24/7 Azure Managed Support Services

As an Azure Managed Services Provider, we help businesses ensure reliability & scalability of their azure cloud workloads while optimizing costs
Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services Provider Dubai, UAE

Reduce Downtime & Stop Overpaying for Azure Cloud Services

Let us help you manage costs, governance and risks associated with your Microsoft Azure Cloud workloads
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Azure Administration & Troubleshooting

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Our Azure managed services experts will take over:

  • Administrating your Azure services.
  • Configuring your Azure resources.
  • Managing data flows going through Azure.
  • Backing up the data stored in your Azure resources.
  • Addressing the issues resulting from application and server misconfigurations, server overloads, and investigating event logs to find the root causes of incidents and prevent them from reappearing.
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24/7 Azure Monitoring

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Burhani’s dedicated Azure Managed Services team ensures continuous monitoring of your Azure-based applications and services to timely detect configuration, security, and other issues.

We can properly configure various cloud monitoring tools as Azure Monitor, Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus, etc. to ensure that your applications are highly available and reliable.

We exert all efforts to avoid system downtime within your IT environment, and provide you with detailed reports on your Azure resources utilization and performance.

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Azure Usage Optimization

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With your business objectives in mind, our managed azure services team defines underutilized resources and develops a plan to increase the efficiency of your Azure resources utilization. We are ready to give actionable recommendations on your Azure services usage optimization.

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Azure Compliance

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We regularly check the compliance of your Azure environment with standards for secure data storage and processing, including HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST 800. If needed, we provide our customers with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and a GDPR Data Processing Agreement (GPA).

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Azure Security

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We secure your Azure environment with:

  • Designing the entire security strategy and its technical components.
  • Configuring and managing access to cloud resources.
  • Performing regular security monitoring across your Azure environment.
  • Timely detecting breaches in your cloud IT infrastructure.
  • Providing security patches and updates.
  • Performing regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing.
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Azure Evolution

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In collaboration with your IT team or your other vendors, Burhani can help you plan the changes needed to improve the reliability of your Azure-based infrastructure, and provide recommendations on implementing these changes with the minimal downtime. Burhani’s dedicated Azure Managed Services team is also ready to train your application development and support teams to help them quickly adapt to the changed IT environment.


A Proven Azure Managed Services Framework for Digital Transformation

Our Proprietary 6-Step Azure Management Process Ensures A Reliable, Scalable & Always Available Infrastructure
Azure Cloud Consulting Services

Fortify Data Security & Prevent Data Leaks by Insiders

with Microsoft Purview + Burhani

Where does your sensitive data reside? Who can access it? What are they doing with it? The fact is, data is everywhere and there’s more of it than ever. Old security strategies—like static data access policies—are no longer enough. And a potentially dangerous leak is often just a single click away.

It’s time for data security strategies that work harder and smarter to help protect your business. Our ebook shows you how Microsoft Purview strengthens data security by offering Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, and Data Loss Prevention in a single unified platform.

As a Trusted Microsoft partner, Burhani recommend Microsoft Purview to all our customers—and we want to show you why.


Recognized as amongst the Top 1% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 20+ Years Experience, Burhani's Unique Mix of People, Process & Technology Enables Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation by Leveraging the Power of the Microsoft Cloud
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Questions About Azure Managed Services?

We strive to minimize administration efforts on your side, keep Azure bills reasonable, and provide you with a total transparency over the service we deliver

Why do I need Azure Managed Services?

Businesses across Dubai & the UAE want to adopt the Microsoft Azure Cloud at scale but often the skills that have served them well in traditional IT do not always translate to success in the cloud. Businesses must transform with new skills, tools and processes, while maintaining compliance and accelerating innovation to drive their businesses.

Burhani’s Managed Azure Services are designed to enable small & mid-sized businesses in Dubai to migrate to the Microsoft Azure Cloud at scale more quickly, reduce their operating costs, improve security and compliance, and focus on their differentiating business priorities.

How can Burhani's Managed Azure Services help us accelerate cloud adoption?

Burhani’s Managed Azure Services helps accelerate Microsoft Azure cloud adoption by defining a standardized operating environment and common application stack templates for use by both cloud-native and traditional workloads.

Azure Managed Services fast-tracks cloud adoption by providing a turnkey service that augments or replaces your infrastructure management capability, and supports your existing operational processes.

How much does Managed Azure Services cost?

At Burhani, we offer several Azure Managed Services plans and can also customize a service plan that suits your unique business needs and budget. Go ahead, request your Free, No-Obligation 30 Minute Azure Cloud consultancy today

How do Managed Azure Services Providers work with Microsoft?

Burhani Managed Azure Services offers Microsoft Azure infrastructure operations management.

As leading Microsoft cloud partners in Dubai, our dedicated Microsoft cloud team can help you to migrate your traditional workloads to the cloud, develop and manage applications, and offering hybrid and multi-cloud.

What kind of workloads does Azure Managed Services support?

Burhani Managed Azure Services can support both traditional and next generation workloads across all of the supported Azure Cloud services.


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