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Cloud Strategy Dubai

Moving your business to the Cloud enables you to harness a multitude of technologically advanced, on-demand cloud transformation services ranging from leading applications to storage and processing power.

Burhani works closely with clients to understand their complete business environment. To support a cloud strategy, our experts develop business cases with a metrics-driven ROI roadmap. We build a cloud services framework for public, private, and hybrid cloud approaches, cloud types (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, security policy and cloud management platform. With the help of our strategic partnerships, we assess current state of applications and infrastructure and recommend the most efficient and optimal to-be state.

We specialize in both Microsoft Cloud Technologies (Azure Cloud Consulting) as well as AWS Cloud Technologies for Cloud Migration & Management. Learn more about our Technical Expertise & portfolio of Managed Services.

We look forward to discussing your Cloud Strategy Needs in Dubai requirements in more detail – Get in Touch to Request Your Free 30 Min Cloud Strategy Session.

Multi-Cloud Strategy Consulting for Digital Transformation

Create a future-ready cloud strategy that helps your business disrupt, innovate and lead even during uncertain times
Reduce Cost & Risk with the Cloud

A Strategic Multi-Cloud Environment is the New Reality

From Idea to Implementation to Management, Burhani can make Cloud a Foundation for Innovation with the Right Cloud Strategy.
Burhani Cloud Journey Framework

Let us Help you Build a Resilient, Open, Security-Rich Cloud Strategy

Burhani Services for Enterprise Cloud Strategy brings experience with integrating traditional mission-critical environments with the latest technologies such as hybrid multi-cloud models and cognitive computing
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Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Provides an aligned business and IT strategy; application portfolio discovery with cloud platform recommendations; functional design and operating model with roadmap and business case.

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Cloud Architecture Design

Delivers a comprehensive technical architecture and implementation plan covering infrastructure, containers, resiliency, workstations, management tooling, services and providers.

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Cloud Security and Compliance Strategy

Offers end-to-end security assessment, risk evaluation and compliance considerations for cloud technology, DevOps and process implementation and management. 


Fortify Data Security & Prevent Data Leaks by Insiders

with Microsoft Purview + Burhani

Where does your sensitive data reside? Who can access it? What are they doing with it? The fact is, data is everywhere and there’s more of it than ever. Old security strategies—like static data access policies—are no longer enough. And a potentially dangerous leak is often just a single click away.

It’s time for data security strategies that work harder and smarter to help protect your business. Our ebook shows you how Microsoft Purview strengthens data security by offering Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, and Data Loss Prevention in a single unified platform.

As a Trusted Microsoft partner, Burhani recommend Microsoft Purview to all our customers—and we want to show you why.


Recognized as amongst the Top 1% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 20+ Years Experience, Burhani's Unique Mix of People, Process & Technology Enables Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation by Leveraging the Power of the Microsoft Cloud
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FAQ’s about Cloud Strategy Consulting

The most frequent and fundamental questions people have about cloud strategy

What is a Cloud Strategy?

A cloud strategy clearly defines your required business outcomes on cloud with a plan for implementation. Having a cloud strategy will enable you to apply its principles quickly with fewer delays, thus speeding delivery of results.

Why Do I Need a Cloud Strategy?

Almost every business is using the cloud, but more often than not, it’s implemented to solve individual IT problems, holding it back from having the remarkable business impact it’s capable of.

With a tailored cloud strategy putting technology at the heart of business strategy, the cloud conversation becomes far more than an IT decision. This is where traditional ways of doing things are transformed, business performance is enhanced and enterprise-scale companies can move with the agility of a forward-thinking startup.

What is Cloud Strategy Consulting?

Cloud strategy consulting a is a combination of proven expertise, tools and methodologies to develop business-aligned cloud strategies and implementation plans to guide clients in transforming their enterprise IT infrastructure. 

What are 5 Key Considerations when Developing a Cloud Strategy?

After you have taken an accurate inventory of the services you want to move to the cloud, what type of cloud environment they need, and your organization’s infrastructure and facilities, you can develop a cloud strategy.

  1. Classify your applications to create business requirements. The best place to start in the cloud journey is by first looking at your applications and classifying them. Rank how your company uses them and evaluate their requirements
  2. Assess your fixed assets and your data center lifecycle. Do you have fixed assets that you need to leverage to get as much value as you can? Depending on where you are in your own on-premises data center lifecycle, you can determine which assets are at a good spot in their lifecycle to phase out or upgrade.
  3. Thoroughly define your security needs. One of the biggest hang-ups people have surrounding the cloud is security. Will the data be safe? Will your services be there when needed? It’s hard for anyone to answer these questions when you don’t know exactly what kind of security you need for each service. The best practice is to firmly establish security policies for each application. The policies then become requirements as you seek a cloud provider and make other critical decisions. You’ll want to know your provider’s security measures, as well—in the data center itself, in the network and on the application level.
  4. Don’t forget ITSM. It’s easy to assume that moving things to the cloud alleviates the need for an IT service management (ITSM) strategy. ” ITSM is about defining policies and procedures around managing your infrastructure and data center applications, both on-premises and off-site. It includes everything from change management to asset and lifecycle management. It boils down to having a defined process around IT delivery. It is important that you define it internally and then find a cloud provider to help provide that. Some cloud providers will offer ITSM as a service, while other cloud providers will give you the infrastructure for you to apply your own process management around. You have to understand how you are looking to apply internally, and how your cloud providers work within that. 
  5. Grill your cloud provider. Don’t look at your cloud provider as just as another IT vendor. They’re not. Whatever organization you entrust with your important data and integral cloud services needs to have the entirety of your confidence

What are the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Strategy?

In today’s business world, many organizations find a hybrid approach to the cloud to be the most attractive. With the diversity of requirements that each service and application brings, leveraging a combination of hosted public and private clouds plus in-house cloud solutions is often the only way to get agility and cost benefits without sacrificing availability and security

Why Burhani for Cloud Strategy Consulting in Dubai, UAE?

By building a picture of how technology can help reach business objectives, we align the role of IT departments to support the business’s journey into tomorrow.

Whether your business is already using the cloud or beginning to explore the idea, we assist teams in making the case for cloud adoption at enterprise scale by uncovering the tangible goals and benefits adoption will bring.

Our cloud strategy services in Dubai, UAE enable enterprises to overcome the growing pains and barriers of cloud-first adoption, helping you visualise–and put a plan around–how cloud technology can and will have a truly transformative impact on your business.

As part of our cloud strategy consulting services in Dubai, UAE, Burhani’s Cloud experts apply modern cloud adoption frameworks, workload analysis tools and techniques to ensure your cloud journey takes all your needs into account.


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