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Application Modernization in Dubai, UAE. Achieve Higher ROI & Accelerate Transformation

Application Modernization is the Future! Legacy applications consume a lot of time and resources, and modernizing those applications via cloud transformation is the only way forward.

Burhani’s deep expertise in cloud application modernization can help you innovate faster while lowering costs by offering a consistent development and operations experience and industry-leading tools and guidance. Furthermore, our ongoing cloud managed services can help you optimize your workloads and increase resilience.

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Leverage the Cloud to Accelerate Application Modernization

Whether you’re developing new digital services or modernizing applications, our experts help you get more value from the cloud.
Build Business Value from the Cloud

We can help reduce the costs of cloud by modernising your applications to fit a consumption-based cloud model.

Application modernization is a necessary part of cloud-centric business transformation

Begin Your Journey to Cloud Transformation

Our robust cloud migration framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud.
Burhani Cloud Journey Framework

Fortify Data Security & Prevent Data Leaks by Insiders

with Microsoft Purview + Burhani

Where does your sensitive data reside? Who can access it? What are they doing with it? The fact is, data is everywhere and there’s more of it than ever. Old security strategies—like static data access policies—are no longer enough. And a potentially dangerous leak is often just a single click away.

It’s time for data security strategies that work harder and smarter to help protect your business. Our ebook shows you how Microsoft Purview strengthens data security by offering Information Protection, Insider Risk Management, and Data Loss Prevention in a single unified platform.

As a Trusted Microsoft partner, Burhani recommend Microsoft Purview to all our customers—and we want to show you why.


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Your Questions About Application Modernization

Answers to commonly asked questions about cloud-enabled application modernization

What is application modernization?

Application modernization is the process of taking existing legacy applications and modernizing their platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and/or features. Much of the discussion around application modernization today is focused on monolithic, on-premises applications—typically updated and maintained using waterfall development processes—and how those applications can be brought into cloud architecture and release patterns, namely microservices

What are the benefits of application modernization?

The benefits of application modernization can typically be summarized as improving the velocity of new feature delivery, exposing the functionality of existing applications to be consumed via API by other services, and re-platforming applications from on-premises to cloud for the purpose of application scale and performance as well as long-term data center and IT strategy.

What are the challenges of application modernization?

The challenges with application modernization typically boil down to cost and complexity. Moving an application from on-premises to cloud with no thought to the ROI is moving applications just to move them. Conversely, other applications might benefit meaningfully from replatforming or rearchitecturing but are so heavily coupled to existing systems and infrastructure that the complexity of modernization might outweigh the upside.

What is the key to success in application modernization?

The key to success in application modernization, like most things, ultimately comes down to strategy and picking application modernization projects where the benefits of cloud, speed, performance, scale, new feature dev, etc. are ones that offer the given application a clear path to improved customer experience and ROI.

Why modernize legacy applications?

Legacy applications are also often monolithic applications. Monolithic applications have two characteristics that make it desirable to modernize them: they are difficult to update, and they are difficult and expensive to scale.

Monolithic apps are difficult to update for architectural reasons. Because all of an application’s components ship together, it is difficult and costly to add features given the overhead of complexity and integration challenges.

They are challenging and costly to scale for similar reasons. If even one component of an app is facing load and performance challenges, it can become necessary to scale up the entire app only to serve the most-demanding single component. This approach comes with considerable wasted compute.

By modernizing an application to more of a microservices architecture, components are smaller, loosely coupled, and can be deployed and scaled independently of one another. While bringing its own set of challenges, this approach is where much of the core value in modernization can be found.


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