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Zoho Inventory Partner in Dubai, UAE

As a Zoho Inventory Partner in Dubai, we can help you easily manage online and offline orders and keep track of stock levels across multiple channels

Zoho Inventory can be purchased individually or as part of Zoho One – Zoho’s comprehensive suite of business cloud software which includes Zoho Forms, Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Desk, Zoho Creator, Zoho Books and so on.

Looking for an Experienced Zoho Inventory Partner in Dubai?

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Modern Inventory Management for Growth-Focussed Businesses

Easily manage online and offline orders and keep track of stock levels across multiple channels
Zoho Inventory Partner in Dubai, UAE

Online Inventory Management Solution

Manage orders, track inventory, handle tax billing & oversee warehouses with a single solution

Because Deep Expertise Matters

At the very outset of our relationship with Zoho, Burhani decided to first fully implement Zoho One internally in one of our own organizations, build expertise and only then begin offering Zoho services to our clients. This means that our Zoho experts are always aware of any potential issues that may impact your business.


Have Questions About Zoho Inventory?

Frequently asked questions about the Zoho Inventory Management Solution

What is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is an online inventory management software that helps you manage online and offline orders and keep track of stock levels across multiple channels. This significantly reduces the troubles you face with multi-channel selling.

Why do I need an inventory management solution?

As a business owner, it’s difficult for you to keep track of the products you sell and the products in stock. It’s hard to be certain when to re-order certain products or to know the status of product shipment.

This is even harder when you are using different sales channels.

You probably end up wasting much of your time switching between applications to track shipments, to receive payments, to manage accounts and to view customer details.

Zoho Inventory has been custom-built to solve all your inventory related problems.

Does Zoho Inventory integrate with ecommerce platforms such as Amazon & Shopify?

Yes, Zoho Inventory integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, so your items, contacts and sales orders in these channels are imported automatically. For instance, when a purchase is made in one channel, the stock levels are automatically updated in all channels.

Can we manage order fulfilment with Zoho Inventory?

Absolutely! Zoho Inventory works with more than 25 shipping services. You can make use of this integration to get real-time shipping rates from different services – all in one place. You can also define regular updates on the status and transit location of each shipment.

How about inventory dashboards and executive reporting?

Zoho Inventory has a real-time dashboard and a robust reporting feature. You can optimize purchases and inventory levels and get critical insights about your businesses anytime.

Is Zoho Inventory available as a mobile app?

Yes, Zoho Inventory is available as a mobile app for both IOS and Android. Stay connected and get real-time updates on the order status, no matter where you are.

Who can help me implement Zoho Inventory for my business?

Zoho works with a global network of trained and certified partners that have the experience and expertise to help you plan, implement and manage your Zoho Inventory & Fulfilment Management Solution. Burhani is a leading Zoho partner in the UAE and can help you get started with a free, no-obligation consultation to understand your business needs.


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