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The Benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Why Azure for Microsoft SQL Workloads

Why Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads in the cloud?

For more than 25 years, businesses have chosen Windows Server and SQL Server to run their critical workloads. Increasingly, they are moving those workloads to the cloud to support innovation and digital transformation.

With end of support for SQL Server 2008 on July 9, 2019, and for Windows Server 2008 on January 14, 2020, migration decisions take on even greater urgency.

Enterprise customers are choosing Azure for their Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

In fact, in a 2019 Microsoft survey of 500 enterprise customers, when those customers were asked about their migration plans for Windows Server, they were 30 percent more likely to choose Azure.

There are four key reasons that make Azure the logical choice for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads:

  • Defense-in-depth security that is easy to implement and manage, including broad compliance capabilities.
  • Support for rapid innovation with fully managed services across apps, data, and infrastructure.
  • Unmatched hybrid solutions designed from the ground up to bridge on-premises and cloud seamlessly.
  • Compelling cost advantages for many customers, with several benefits available only on Azure.

Download this whitepaper to learn why Azure makes sense for applications that rely on SQL Server or Windows Server.

Interested in Migrating to Azure?

Click here to speak with a Burhani Microsoft Cloud expert and learn how Microsoft Azure can offer a modern, scalable and cost-effective solution to host Microsoft Server and Microsoft SQL workloads.

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